Photo by Brian Cox

Sanjay Parikh is a digital content creator.  He is currently employed by the band Shinedown in which he tours the U.S. and around the world.  Sanjay also works for one of the largest active rock stations in the country, 98KUPD Arizona’s Real Rock, as well as myriad of other media projects in Arizona.  Sanjay has worked, and toured with a plethora of bands, including Asking Alexandria, Warped Tour, and many others. 

A musician himself from the age of 14, Sanjay has a unique perspective behind his camera lens that adds to the integrity of the bands he shoots, as well as the art of the images he creates.  Friends and colleagues have described Sanjay as professional, expeditious with his content, charismatic, and an amazingly positive person to know.  Sanjay own mission is to “put positivity back into the world.”  Sanjay has had a unique upbringing that only adds to his regard for art and beauty in life around him. 

Adopted in India as an infant, Sanjay was welcomed into a family living in Lake Havasu Arizona where he learned a distinctive appreciation for the world around him that few could understand.  Sanjay currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with his family. 

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